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  • TIWOM – The Insignificant Whispering Of Men

    TIWOM – The Insignificant Whispering Of Men

    Finally out 🙂 I’m super happy with the result of „The Insignificant Whispering Of Men“.

    The creation of this song about hate, violence, greed and the dark side of humanity, took over six months of dedicated work. Multiple cycles of composing, improvising, recording, discarding and starting over resulted in what I present here: Powerful guitar lines, Anup Sastry’s virtuoso drumming, Toby Peterson-Stewart’s complex bass sounds and Jacob Lauing’s extremely expressive voice form a metal-esque soundscape that combines classic and modern progressive rock styles. As a guitarist and producer, I tried to follow my own vision of cross-genre rock music.

    I developed a close relationship with this piece, which I lovingly tried to transform into detailed sound images. “TIWOM” is my most recent and most complex production to date.

    Special thanks again to:
    Marco Quast

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